Our Mission

Wise global Christian investing in Biblically sound Christian entrepreneurs and companies, to help the body of Christ be good stewards of what God has provided them, protect and grow their wealth and influence, to the glory of God and the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Our Vision

Alpha Kingdom Capital’s Vision is to greatly affect the world by drastically increasing the number of Christian businesses and people living out their Christian life as salt and light at work. To be a thriving global Christian venture capital company investing in Christian companies and values, delivering strong returns to investors and global impact for Christ as He rescues mankind.


  • Faithfulness to the Word of God and to our commitments.
  • Love of any and all people.
  • Daily Diligence in pursuit of our collective mission and our individual tasks.
  • Work of Excellence.
  • Continuous Learning and Improvement.
  • Open, Honest, Kind discussions.
  • Camaraderie and Encouragement of each other like a family.
  • Biblical Balance for sustainability and thriving lives.
  • Thankfulness to The Lord in and for everything.
  • Grace and more grace, instead of judging or being offended.
  • Joy and Fun and Song and Laughter