Tim Abels is a serial entrepreneur, technology disruptor, innovator, investor and global ministry leader. His startups include two IPO, third sold to Sprint, initial Microsoft Visual Studio, last 5 divisions at Dell, Intel Capital cloud startup in 2021, and two large Christian non-profits. Tim was a Principal Engineer at Intel where he was Director of Innovation Lab. He co-chaired Dell patent committee for 7 years and filed over 100 patents. He evaluated over 500 startups for Intel Capital, Austin Ventures and Dell Ventures, including VMware investment and later acquisitions. Tim earned his master’s degree in computer science from Purdue University.

Tim has a heart for Christian companies operating as BAMs (Business as Mission), and through his ministry has analyzed and funded over 11,000 microloans in Uganda, while teaching Bible to many churches and via RestTV for life-giving gospel, disciple making and life skills across business and family.

We are delighted to have Tim join Alpha Kingdom Capital (AKC) as partner and Chief Investment Officer (CIO) to oversee BAMs analysis, investment and AKC’s unique business services to mentor and consult startups, with optimizations, patents, performance and market penetration. His heart for BAMs makes Tim a perfect match for Alpha Kingdom Capital’s mission and vision.