If us Christians are right, and the dead guy died on Friday, what's so good about that, and why do you care about it in your business life? Great questions - well, businesses care (or should care) about all people. Let me explain:

At first glance it doesn't sound so good that a guy died on a Friday and we call it good. But it actually is the single greatest event in all of human history - that's why it's good. It perhaps should be called "The most amazing day of all time!" Here's why: the guy who died is the only person ever to have lived without sinning. This gave Him the unique ability to die in place of everyone else, thereby satisfying God's justice for sin for everyone. And that's incredible in your business life and your life everywhere! What's even more amazing about this is that nothing else is required of anyone, except to believe! What? Nothing else?

That's right - nothing else. The famous Charles Spurgeon, known as the Prince of Preachers, was saved as a teenager on the verse from Isaiah 45:22 which says, "Look unto me, and be ye saved, all the ends of the earth: for I am God, and there is none else." (KJV) It doesn't take a PhD to look, and you don't have to be a wealthy person to look! Spurgeon went on to light a spiritual fire across England in the mid 1800s like none other!

Why is that important to your business life? Because business people and business leaders and business owners should care about everyone in the business, and everyone in their life. This type of caring Jesus referred to as "loving your neighbor like he is you." That second half is very important, because if you love someone else like they are you, you'll have the best intentions for them. In fact, you'll have the best of the best intentions, won't you? And you'll have the most grace for them. Now, imagine if businesses loved their employees, customers, vendors, partners, and even competitors this way. Do you see how Jesus changes everything? This type of love is only possible when you believe - then He does something amazing in your heart, and spiritually dwells there, to give you the ability to love this way. The ability to have Peace in these troubled times. This unending Hope that can't be extinquished. A Joy that can bubble up from the inside. The ability to forgive, and the list goes on - for your business, and for your home life. You still have a flesh side (but that's for another discussion).

Back to Jesus dieing on Good Friday - it's only good because of what happened on the third day after that. He rose from the dead, as God had declared long before that (and planned before the foundations of the earth were put in place), proving who He was, and proving His power over death. That's why over 2 billion people will celebrate Easter this month - some not even remembering why and only having a meal and a chocolate bunny. So, yes, this is a good day, even though He died today 2055 years ago or so, because on that day He made a way for everyone everywhere to reach the living loving God. Good Friday to you!