New Venture Capital Firm Alpha Kingdom Capital to Invest in Companies that Operate by Biblical Principles

Investor and serial entrepreneur Rich Mason will help Christian companies find capital sourced from investors who seek wider impact of Christ-like behavior.


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April 25, 2022

TAMPA, April 25, 2022/PRNewswire/ -- Christian business person Rich Mason has founded Alpha Kingdom Capital (, a new venture capital firm that will fund Christian companies that operate according to Biblical principles, to encourage Christ-like working and living.  Two investment funds of the firm have been opened, and a third is under development.

“Alpha Kingdom Capital will invest in companies that are run unapologetically by sincere Christians according to wisdom originating in the Bible,” said Rich Mason.  “Their character and values will encourage employees, customers, and vendors to seek the truth of Jesus.  These companies can help many find salvation and live life loving their neighbors as themselves, counteracting the apathy and hatred that troubles the world.  Startup founders will receive the mentoring, prayer, and encouragement of AKC as they spawn a community of seekers and believers who live and work in fellowship seasoned with the love of Christ.”

A key advisor to Alpha Kingdom Capital (AKC), Brian Brummund, is a strong believer in the vision that Rich has laid out for Alpha Kingdom Capital and believes “the Lord receives the glory for how we live our personal, professional, and social lives, as well as how we utilize the financial resources He has provided.  The launch of these funds will provide another avenue for investors and business operators to positively impact the world for His kingdom.”

One of the funds currently open is called the Opportunity Zone Fund, investing in a diversified portfolio of residential and commercial real estate in Qualified Opportunity Zones.  The second open fund is the Innovation Fund, which seeks to invest in early-stage technology innovation and disruption companies.  A third fund, the International Innovation Fund, expects to provide funding to Christian startup businesses in Israel and Nigeria.

Rich Mason is a private equity investor, angel investor and former entrepreneur, having started four companies, including one ministry.  Mason’s startups participated in several industries, including Communication Services Provider, Smart Buildings, Computer Networking Services, and Alternative Energy.  He has held positions with Intel Corporation (where, among other things, he evaluated startups for account coverage), Rockwell Semiconductor, and Mindspeed Technologies.  He was the President and Founder of Alpha Fiber.  Rich earned an electrical engineering degree from the University of South Florida and has worked in technology and business for thirty-seven years.  With homes in both Tampa, Florida, and Hillsboro, Oregon, Rich is connected with multiple churches and is active in serving ministries and leading small group studies.

“The story of Alpha Kingdom Capital,” said Rich Mason, “really begins in 2002 when the Lord called me to start a company with none of the normal advantages. That led to a 10-year financial faith walk, as the Lord provided miraculously. A ministry was born out of that company, that implemented the first ‘Do You Believe’ event, to help people see all the powerful evidence for faith in Jesus Christ. Exposure to many other startups, and finally a call to fund Christian startups came in 2021. Alpha Kingdom Capital is the result of that calling.”

Trilogy Christian Publishers, a wholly owned subsidiary of Trinity Broadcasting Network, has announced the release of Rich Mason’s new book, Do You Believe? in which he uses his personal story to give his answer to life’s most important question.  Do You Believe? tells of one man's journey to an all-in faith where God keeps working miracles. The book is available on Amazon, from booksellers, and from

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