BAM Venture Capital firm Alpha Kingdom Capital Announces Chief Investment Officer, serial entrepreneur Tim Abels.

As a serial entrepreneur, technology disruptor, and global ministry leader, Tim Abels is the perfect match for Alpha Kingdom Capital.


Alpha Kingdom Capital

January 31, 2023

TAMPA, January 31, 2023/EINPresswire/ -- Alpha Kingdom Capital (AKC), the Business As Mission (BAM) Venture Capital firm, announces serial entrepreneur and technology disruptor Tim Abels has joined AKC as their new Chief Investment Officer, to oversee BAM companies’ analysis, lead the investment decisions, and implement AKC’s unique Business Services.  

“Tim’s funding 11,000 BAM startups, his Christian integrity, business and mission skills will empower AKC’s Investor and Entrepreneur community.” said founder Rich Mason.  “With the addition of Tim, we can accelerate Alpha Kingdom Capital’s commitments to enable community, strong investor returns and kingdom impact.”

“Alpha Kingdom Capital and its partners invest in companies run according to wise Biblical principles,” continued Mason, “done in writing, unchangeable in their by-laws.”  “Their values encourage employees, customers, and business partners to seek the mission of Jesus.  These companies operate missionally, counteracting the world’s troubles.  Startup founders receive the mentoring, prayer, encouragement, and AKC Business Services as they multiply a community of believers who live and work in the love of Christ.”

Alpha Kingdom Capital has established “Lion's Den” communities of Christian investors and entrepreneurs in the Tampa, Florida ( ), and Portland, Oregon ( ), known as Lion's Den Tampa and Lion's Den Portland. These offer pitch events and build community of Christian Investors, Entrepreneurs, and Business Services Providers. The first pitch event is February 24th in the Tampa, Florida area (

“Tim Abels last 8 years of visiting Africa is already nation-changing” Rich Mason said. “His requiring Entrepreneurs to plan to be 100-times bigger combined with rewarding generous, teachers-of-many (disciple-makers), makes him a proven leader in sustainable BAM (S-BAM), globally expanding our U.S. operations already in the Tampa, Florida and the Portland, Oregon areas.”

“Business training and services, disruptive innovation, all unchangeable in by-laws give AKC a unique, global footprint,” Tim Ables said. “BAM and AKC were the only mission and company worth my joining, to scale what the Lord already started through Rich”.

Tim Abels is a serial entrepreneur, technology disruptor, innovator, investor and global ministry leader.

  • His startups: include two IPO, third sold to Sprint, initial Microsoft Visual Studio, last 5 divisions at Dell, Intel Capital cloud startup in 2021, and two large Christian non-profits.
  • Tech disruptor: Tim was a Principal Engineer at Intel where he was Director of Innovation Lab. He co-chaired Dell patent committee for 7 years and filed over 100 patents. He evaluated over 500 startups for Intel Capital, Austin Ventures and Dell Ventures, including VMware investment and later acquisitions. Tim earned his master’s degree in computer science from Purdue University.
  • Ministry: Tim has a heart for Christian companies operating as S-BAMs (Business as Mission), analyzed and funded over 11,000 BAMs in Africa, while teaching life-giving gospel, disciple-making, business and family life skills to hundreds of churches.

Rich Mason is a Christian angel investor and serial entrepreneur, having started six companies, including one ministry.  Mason’s startups participated in several industries, including Communication Services Provider, Smart Buildings, Computer Networking Services, and Alternative Energy.  He has held positions with Intel Corporation (where he evaluated startups, among other things), Rockwell, and Mindspeed Technologies.  He was the Founder and President of Alpha Fiber.  Rich earned an electrical engineering degree from the University of South Florida and has worked in technology and business for thirty-eight years.  Rich is active in serving ministries and leading small group studies. With homes in both Tampa, Florida, and Hillsboro, Oregon, Rich has a broad community of churches, BAM, Investors and Entrepreneurs.

“The story of AKC,” said Rich Mason, “began in 2002 when the Lord called me to start a company, with exposure to many investors and startups since. That birthed a ministry that implemented the first ‘Do You Believe’ event. Finally in 2021, came a call to fund and build a community of Christian startups, resulting in Alpha Kingdom Capital.”

“Trilogy Christian Publishers, announced the release of Rich Mason’s new book, Do You Believe? May of 2022, in which he uses his personal story to give answers to life’s most important question.  Do You Believe? tells of one man's journey to an all-in faith where God keeps working miracles. The book is available from Amazon, leading booksellers, and on”

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