Alpha Kingdom Capital, The BAM VC Company, invests in Ribbo Coffee, to serve East Africa’s Spiritual, Economic, Social and Environmental needs.


  • Alpha Kingdom Capital (AKC) expands as the Business As Mission (BAM) Venture Capital Company.
  • AKC invests in Ribbo Coffee, a great BAM serving East Africa.
  • Builds on Ribbo’s free business web and pitch training from Lions-Den and Africa Community Aid (ACAID).

Innocent Piloya: CEO Ribbo Coffee (front 3rd from right) at Annual CEO Training in Gulu with AKC’s Tim Abels

Ribbo Coffee managers after Annual Farmers Conference

Tampa, FL - December 18, 2023/EINpresswire/ - - Alpha Kingdom Capital, a Florida-based venture capital firm committed to global Business as a Mission (BAM), announces its investment in pitch company, Ribbo Coffee.

“Working with AKC and ACAID greatly supports our big dream of building an equitable coffee economy where farmers, workers, communities, and the environment benefit, unlike in the traditional exploitative coffee trade,” said Innocent Piloya, CEO and founder of Ribbo Coffee. “AKC’s standard terms made agreements clear and friendly for future investment rounds as we executed our growth plan and milestones.”

“Ribbo Coffee is building a network of 30,000 skilled small-holder farmers through local partners to supply agroecologically produced coffee to the factory in the next 5 years.”







Impacting Spiritual, Economic, Social, and Environmental


Alpha Kingdom Capital’s investment in Ribbo Coffee ( continues our commitment to invest and coach Christian entrepreneurs to maximize their Kingdom wealth and impact, grounded in a profound belief that BAM businesses uniquely provide sustainable impact across fourfolds: spiritual, then economic, social, and environmental.

  • Spiritual: Ribbo provides BAM evangelism and training to their staff and farmers, along with community support through a network of organizations.
  • Economic: Ribbo coffee runs the only coffee dry mill and roastery in Northern half of Uganda. The factory holds a capacity of 22,000 pounds of coffee per day and will serve farmers from up-to 12 districts including Gulu and Lira, Uganda’s largest cities in the north. Ribbo trains suppliers to grow twice the coffee per acre, and to implement agroecology which enables them to sustain highly productive climate-resilient farms.
  • Social: Ribbo is women-owned and managed. It provides the only major white label coffee, that does not compete with its customer’s branded blends and labels. The company also provides fair prices to their farmers alongside agroecological skilling and socio-economic support that has enabled their farmers to afford needs like medical care, school for kids, even pay for tuition at University. The company also creates opportunities for decent jobs to young people in the region given the high rate of unemployment.
  • Environmental: Ribbo operates on agroecological principles across the value chain and through their demonstration farm they showcase sustainable farming techniques for farmers to adopt in their own farms. Ribbo also partners with environmental award-winning the world’s fifth largest tree planter. By working with Kijani, Ribbo coffee farmers get training in sustainable forest and carbon credits, and Kijani farmers can diversify with crops like coffee.

Investing via its AKC International TID Fund I, Alpha Kingdom Capital empowers global companies who view their operations as a divine calling for kingdom impact, a channel for Jesus Christ’s love and grace for all.

“The Author of Life knows how every community can have full, abundant life. No other way works – none,” said Rich Mason, General Partner and Founder of Alpha Kingdom Capital.  “And Ribbo will sustain wise biblical principles, written in permanent bylaws, while they accelerate their kingdom growth and impact.” 

For bulk, worldwide shipments of coffee, contact directly or via their global shipping partner, another AKC investment.

AKC partners with non-profits: 

  • Lions Den which holds pitch events, training, and one-on-one coaching across USA and Africa requiring a plan for 100 times growth, including coaching 300 best startups in September, from our pipeline of 250,000 BAM startups. 

  • Since 2015, Africa Community Aid ( has funded 15,000 BAM startups in Africa, all with zero interest loans, started 10 incubators, and provided free entrepreneur and web training, tools, and hosting. ACAID provided Ribbo with their website and coffee machinery as a zero-interest loan. Payback goes to Ribbo’s Gulu incubator for other BAM startups. This same incubator received $20,000 in 2021 from ACAID.

  • AKC will be attending the next Lions Den event in Tampa Feb 15th and 16th, featuring Don Simmons of Steward Advisors Group as Keynote speaker. Investors and CEOs can participate via

“Ribbo reveals the sustainable power of God’s investment principles for the 100% and not just the 10% donations for relief, that creates dependency after urgency”, said Tim Abels, General Partner of AKC and founder of ACAID, “most cannot imagine the hardship in the lives of Innocent, her workers, and partners. She is blessing tens of thousands today, and I believe soon millions.”

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