Alpha Kingdom Capital, The BAM venture capital company, announces investment in Parcel Path

Searching for solid Christian BAM businesses, Alpha Kingdom Capital found a good one in Portland-based Parcel Path.




New Port Richey, FL - September 15, 2023/EINpresswire/ - - Alpha Kingdom Capital, a Florida-based venture capital firm deeply rooted in faith and committed to advancing God's mission through Business As Mission (BAM), announces its transformative partnership with solid businesses that share a resolute commitment to God's work.


Operating under AKC International TID Fund I, Alpha Kingdom Capital ( ) is not your typical venture capital firm. With a fervent belief in the power of business to serve a higher purpose, Alpha Kingdom Capital is on a mission to empower companies that view their operations as a divine calling, a means to impact communities, and a channel for God's grace.


In a world where businesses often operate independently of their faith, Alpha Kingdom Capital stands as a beacon of hope, reminding us that business can be a divine calling, a force for good, and a means to glorify God. Through their investments, they aim to transform the business landscape, one company at a time, to align with God's greater purpose of love for all.


Partnering with Businesses That Serve a Higher Calling


Alpha Kingdom Capital's unique approach to investment is grounded in a profound belief that businesses can be agents of positive change. Their partnership with businesses like ParcelPath, LLC ( ) exemplifies this commitment. ParcelPath, headquartered in Portland, Oregon, is a pioneering provider of innovative last-mile delivery solutions. Alpha Kingdom Capital and ParcelPath are forging a transformative partnership with a shared vision of using business to impact communities and advance God's mission.


ParcelPath has rapidly gained recognition in the logistics and delivery industry for its innovative approach to discounted shipping solutions. By leveraging advanced technology and a freemium SaaS model, ParcelPath has streamlined the delivery process, providing efficient and reliable service for businesses of all sizes.


Alpha Kingdom Capital's investment into ParcelPath underscores its commitment to businesses that align with BAM principles. This strategic collaboration empowers ParcelPath to expand its operations, reach new markets, and further develop its proprietary delivery management platform. ParcelPath's technology-driven approach aims to reduce consumer delivery costs, increase small business profits, and minimize environmental impact.


Working with Alpha Kingdom Capital has been great. Even before we pitched at the pitch event ( ), AKC was already helping us with very valuable things at no charge. They truly just want Christian BAM companies to be successful,” said Tucker Lemm, CEO and co-founder of Parcel Path. “Rich and Tim’s quest for 100x growth is real – they find additional ways to help, and we’re already very experienced at what we’re doing.”


Rich Mason, General Partner and Founder of Alpha Kingdom Capital adds, “We look for companies that are both solid BAM companies, and solid businesses, and we immediately recognized both in Parcel Path. And there is a lot more to come as we partner to grow it.”


In business, Christian integrity drives extreme competence in serving customers and extreme diligence in delivering on goals,” Mason continued. These companies will live and work missionally, counteracting the apathy and hatred that troubles the world. Startup founders will receive the advanced help, mentoring, prayer, and encouragement of Alpha Kingdom Capital as we continue to build a community of believers who live and work in fellowship seasoned with the love of Christ.”


Tim Abels, Chief Investment Officer of Alpha Kingdom Capital said, “We have also trained over eleven thousand people so far. This free training and free support, helps new Christian entrepreneurs get started. If you feel that tug to help, contact us and join what God is doing through BAM.”


Tim Abels is a serial entrepreneur, technology disruptor, innovator, investor and global ministry leader. His startups include two IPO, third sold to Sprint, initial Microsoft Visual Studio, last 5 divisions at Dell, Intel Capital cloud startup in 2021, and two large Christian non-profits. Tim was a Principal Engineer at Intel where he was Director of Innovation Lab. He co-chaired Dell patent committee for 7 years and filed over 100 patents. He evaluated over 500 startups for Intel Capital, Austin Ventures and Dell Ventures, including VMware investment and later acquisitions. Tim earned his master’s degree in computer science from Purdue University.


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