Why Alpha Kingdom Capital?

Alpha Kingdom Capital is a Business as Mission (BAM) venture capital firm.

We provide venture capital for those businesses that meet our stringent investment standards while being committed to run their businesses to achieve God’s missional purpose in the world.  Specific investment selection criteria for each of the funds are defined and used to screen businesses regarding value, risk, growth potential, projected demand, etc.   When appropriate, Alpha Kingdom Capital uses proprietary Artificial Intelligence software to aid in the selection of opportunity zones and specific businesses for potential investment.  

Investment Criteria

Our main goal is to proliferate missional businesses around the world for the good of humanity.

Imagine if companies loved their employees, customers, vendors, partners, and even competitors as they love themselves. We believe this way of doing business will transform the world for the good of all. We want to help as many companies as possible to act upon wise Biblical principles and to operate with excellence, integrity, and goodness in everything they do.

We call entrepreneurs and investors to fully integrate their faith with their business and investing.

We adopt the attitude of Jesus: The fields are ready for harvest. If we’re not with Jesus, we’re against him. If we’re not gathering, we’re scattering. If we are ashamed of him and his words in this generation, he’ll be ashamed of us when he comes in his glory. Christian investors and entrepreneurs cannot straddle a fence, especially not now. Will they serve the Lord wholeheartedly with their investing and their businesses?

Our entrepreneurs follow Biblical principles and express their faith publicly and privately.

We expect the companies in which we invest to include an unchanging statement of Christian principles in their founding documents. They should also, for example, proclaim their faith in the “About Us” section of their website. Both our words and the way we conduct business transmit the Gospel message to the world around us.

We believe in investing in God’s mission for business.

Business, like everything else in life, should be conducted according to God’s purposes. From the time of Genesis, God has wanted people to rule over creation for good. People failed, but God showed us how to rule through the example of Jesus Christ. Jesus was obedient to God and sacrificed himself for us in love. This is how businesses run by Christians should operate: with obedience to God and sacrificial love for all.


Alpha Kingdom Capital has established “Lion's Den” communities of Christian investors and entrepreneurs in the Tampa, Florida, and Portland, Oregon, areas.

These entities, known as Lion's Den Tampa and Lion's Den Portland, offer opportunities for networking and pitch events that may be accessed remotely from anywhere. 

They also generate healthy deal flow for Alpha Kingdom Capital's funds. 

Our Founder is committed to God’s missional purpose for business (Business as Mission).

In the book Do You Believe? by Alpha Kingdom Capital founder Rich Mason, he expresses his sincere and deep commitment to Christ and tells the story of his life. His background reflects the business experience that prepared him to manage a venture capital firm. While he knows that some may oppose the mission of Alpha Kingdom Capital, he has decided to accept that risk, stand firm, and depend on God’s grace and favor.  He calls businesses and investors to faith that God is the one who provides, fights for us, and even makes a way when there is no way. He is personally invested in the funds managed by the company.

Do You Believe?

The Missional Business Model

1. Inquire of the Lord.

2. Innovate in the marketplace.

3. Invest in opportunity.

4. Build the organization.

5. Employ with dignity.

6. Achieve with God’s blessing.

A New Vision of Venture Capital

Capital as Mission
Every investment directed by God’s purpose to save humanity.

Capital as Worship
Every investment made with thankfulness in service to God.

Capital as Message
Every investment a reflection of the Gospel of Christ.